Saturday, March 8, 2014

Three Years Old

Three years ago we welcomed our sweet little boy Graham into our family! What a blessing he has been! It amazes me that it has been three years. It was such a time of change for our family with adding a new baby and preparing to move to Saudi so soon afterwards. I remember thinking in all this craziness that he was so calm, so easy going and so peaceful and being so thankful for that. And three years later he is still so calm, easy going and peaceful….and I am still so thankful for that.

Graham is our sweet, tender hearted spirit. He loves to give affirmation to his friends and his family and is our encourager. He is always saying thank you and recognizing things you do to serve him. He is my nurturer and loves to care for people. He constantly talks to baby Rosey and says good morning to her everyday and wants to cuddle her and talks about how he will hold her, comfort her and tell her that he loves her and that God loves her. 

Graham ADORES his big sister. He looks up to her and has so much respect and admiration for her and thankfully she adores him and takes such good care and protection over him. Often when friends come over the first order of business is explaining that they "will" play with her and her brother and she makes sure he is included in everything. They play so well together, sort out conflicts very well and learn so much from each other. Peyton has learned to be more compassionate, listen more to what someone is trying to explain or wanting to play while Graham has learned from Peyton on how to stand up at times for things you really want, work on building projects like legos or this build it machines and to keep at it even when you are frustrated. It is a sweet relationship between them that I am so thankful for and continue to pray for daily. 

Some other things we want to remember about Graham at this age….he LOVES trucks, excavators, planes, helicopters, boats, trains and any sort of transportation object. He is my little boy! He still eats really well and will try everything at least once and often times remarks, "that is delicious, I LOVE it." He loves to go play soccer with mommy during Peyton's soccer practice and has really good ball control for his age. Graham loves cuddles and will often ask for cuddles or just come up and climb in your lap. He is my affectionate one and I am often just given a giant huge and a kiss and an "I love you mommy," for no reason. He is going to a preschool in the mornings four days a week and although it offers a fifth day I don't want to give up my one morning with him yet. I love my Thursday mornings with Graham and we often build crazy train tracks, play at the park or build construction sites and towers in the playroom. 

Graham speaks really clearly and has a pretty extensive vocabulary for his age which I attribute solely to the fact that he realized early on to hang with his sister he better figure out what to say! He is potty trained during the day and we will work on nighttime when he seems more ready. He was relatively easy to potty train after the first few days of not caring and just having accidents he figured it out and it wasn't too bad after that. Again, his sister helped a bunch and he loved her praising him over mommy and daddy.

We are loving this age with Graham and are loving watch his personality come out and are excited to watch him become a big brother. It has been an amazing three years and we are so thankful for the blessing of our little boy in our family!

Happy Birthday Graham Bam!

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