Wednesday, March 5, 2014

And onto T-Ball….

With soccer season winding down, T-ball season is starting up. We originally didn't sign Peyton up because she didn't seem all that interested when we asked her and then her two of her friends moms was coaching a team and needed another player and well, that changed her mind apparently. It works out well because there is only one week of overlap with soccer so we aren't having too many commitments and it is another thing to get her active during the week.

They had their first practice this week and I was surprised at how well she picked things up, much quicker than soccer! 

They worked on throwing and catching rolling balls and then learned about all the bases, which way to run, how you have to touch all of them….

And then it was time to start batting practice…

She had a lot of fun and I am excited for her to try something completely new for her. We are waiting on her left handed glove to arrive that we ordered online since baseball gear is hard enough to find here let alone a kids, left handed glove! We have practice once a week and then a game once a week! Go Red Sox!

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