Sunday, September 5, 2010

Birthday Skirt

One of Peyton's friends gave her an adorable hand made skirt (well, his mom made it)! It was such pretty colors and looked adorable on her when we went to church this morning. Thank you to Sarah at My Spare Time! I love that she made her son model the skirt to ensure it would fit and I love even more that it fit her 8 month son and was just a little loose on Peyton but it fit!

Check her site out, she makes beautiful baby quilts (I might have to commission her to make one for our nursery since I am probably making a majority of the bedding/curtains etc but don't have enough skill for a quilt).
Seeing how cute it was kind of made me want to try to make one but I should probably finish lining her curtains, making the bed skirt, sewing together the duvet for her room and the pillow case dress that I have fabric/supplies for. Hopefully I will get that second trimester energy/nesting and get to work!
Thanks Sarah and Ben for a cute skirt! She looked adorable and got lots of compliments!

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Sarah said...

It looks so cute on her!! I'd love to make a quilt for your new baby, we can trade for your party planning help! :-)