Saturday, September 4, 2010

New School and Pregnancy Brain

Two random and completely unrelated posts but here they are... Peyton started her new school this week at our church and she did amazing! The first day she just gave me a kiss, ran on in and apparently did great! The second day she was equally excited and ran into the school from the car and kept trying to say Pee Wee (the name of her school) the whole way there!

On the first day...I LOVED that our day started off with thunderstorms and rain at home and when we go to the church, the sky had cleared and there was a perfect, full rainbow over the church! I know it meant a whole lot more to me than to Peyton and I was almost in tears (probably due to being pregnant). I have been so nervous about switching schools, the change for her and whether this was the right thing and to see that was a reminder that her getting into Pee Wee School only a couple of weeks before school after being on the waitlist was God orchestrated! It was a nice morning and even better was that I only had to walk upstairs to go to work was pretty sweet!
Now onto the pregnancy part of life....I am LOSING my mind! Seriously, I can't remember anything it seems. Here is a summary of my absent least what I can remember!
  • Making baked Ziti...say to myself, one teaspoon of nutmeg...put in one tablespoon of cinnamon and didn't realize until we started eating! Sweet John didn't say anything until I brought it up and kept eating!
  • Went to change Peyton's more diapers! Found one in my purse but seriously, I have never gotten to that point. I have a system where there is always one extra box in the closet and when we open that I go and buy one. Must have forgotten that I opened the box and forgot to buy another one.
  • Going to the grocery store....bought diapers because we didn't have any....right? Only to come home and be told that we bought some yesterday.
  • Grocery store again....excited to see dog food on sale and you get a $5 Target gift card for buying...pick some up. Come home, John looks at food and says, "you bought Titus the wrong food," not like he hasn't been eating the same stuff for 5 years! At least the bag was the same color!
  • Grocery store again....I think we should stop sending the pregnant lady grocery shopping! Besides the forgotting everything or messing up stuff, I come home with three times the stuff on my list because when I pass something it sounds like I might like it, only to find out when I come home that I don't want to eat anything! Anyways...I went to pick up whole bean coffee for whole bean coffee but DECAF! I tried to play the excuse of the label wasn't clear but John stated that the bright green label in the largest font on the package was hard to read. The next morning I looked at it and had to agree.
  • I came home...again from the store, with new razors. I told John that I got him green ones this time as the last time he had to have pink disposable razors because they were on sale. John looked at me and asked why I bought more razors when we still have two bags? I told him we didn't because I looked for a hour the other day for one and they were nowhere to be found. Then he told me that I moved them to a different place in the bathroom because it made more sense....hmmm....forgot about that and apparently it doesn't make more sense!
  • I am sure there are more but I am no longer keeping track or remember!
Other pregnancy stuff...I am pretty noticeable now! I feel like I am huge but John says I am not too far off from what I looked like with Peyton. I will start taking pictures this week since I started with Peyton at 12 weeks. Currently I think I look more like I did with Peyton at 15 weeks so I am about three weeks ahead in terms of the baby pouch but at least I really didn't have long at the she pregnant? phase!

One thing I learned this time around is that molasses is not a pregnant girls friend! I was trying to make gingerbread men for Peyton's birthday party tomorrow (it is Shrek themed and we are decorating our own "Gingy" like the gingerbread man from the movie) and as soon as I opened the molasses I almost lost it. I tried working through the recipe and just had to throw it out half way through because I couldn't take it. Then tonight my wonderful husband is making it for me and I had to hide out in our room because the smell is too much for me!

Well, off to bed as we have a super busy and exciting day tomorrow! It is precious Peyton's SECOND birthday! I am still in shock and I am sure super emotional pregnant me will cry lots tomorrow that my sweet little baby is now such a big girl in comparison. Great...already getting teary eyed! I love the little strong willed, opinionated, silly, dare devil, fire cracker, sweet and loving girl she has become! Anyways more on my adorable little girl tomorrow and all the details from her Shrek-tacular birthday!

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