Monday, September 20, 2010

Busy Weekend

This past weekend was crazy full!

Friday, Peyton and I did not make it to gymnastics because I didn't want to wake her up again as I had done pretty much every day that week so I decided that I would let her sleep and if we woke up in time we would go but if not it would be fine! She slept in, I slept in and that was for the best given how busy the rest of the weekend was!

I left Friday afternoon for our Mpact weekend which is the fall retreat that we do for the high school students. So, around 184 students, 27 leaders and about 10 support staff all headed up for Carolina Creek Christian Camp in Huntsville, Texas! I left a little earlier than the kids so I could get up there and set up or that was my intention but Houston traffic put me there only a couple of hours before so it was a little crazy! But as tiring as the weekend was, it was so amazing to watch all these students worship God, experience God and be moved, changed and molded into more like His image! It was awesome! We had a great speaker, Joseph Turner from Sojourn Community Church in the Heights area of Houston and an awesome Indie Rock band from Abilene called Words in Windows. And I personally LOVED the staff at Carolina Creek! I know that the students didn't really see all they did but for me, who was doing most of the behind the scenes stuff, they were amazing! They had such joy in serving us and it was an awesome testimony to the power of service and how you really do show God's love by service. They were amazing!

So, Sunday afternoon I headed back home and was exhausted but the weekend was not over at all for me. I rushed home, jumped in the shower, got dressed and out the door in twenty minutes and headed to church for Group Link! We are starting a new adult small group and Group Link (our connection event to get people into group) was that night! John was already up there, I ran in and got set and then started meeting new people interested in group. This was the largest Group Link with just under 500 people looking for a new group!
In the end we ended up with 5 new couples plus John and I and our co-leaders, the Lutz's for a total of 14 people! We are so excited to get to know these new couples, do life with them and grow closer as a biblical community and closer to our Lord! I love seeing how God puts groups together and can't wait to see how His hand was in this new group! As excited as I am.....I will be honest we are a little scared! It is always a nervous feeling when you walk out with these new people entrusted to you by God and by the church....and as John said, "well, now we have to depend on God to somehow mold this group to be fully devoted followers of Christ." Very true!

Finally after Group Link we picked up Peyton from our friends house and I received the biggest hug ever from her. All she kept saying was, "Momma, Momma." I loved it!

I am super tired today and it is raining so we are relaxing on the couch, catching up on blogging, emails and being lazy. We will probably venture out for some groceries this afternoon and but what I am really looking forward to is NAP TIME in approximately 3 hours!

Happy Monday everyone!

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