Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Laundry room organization, fabric....getting ready for baby!

I don't have a picture of my 15 week belly but honestly it looks the same as last week and I am feeling about the same so I am not going to make the effort to take one.

But we did have lots of baby preparation projects going on this weekend! One was searching for bedding/fabric. We started with looking at bedding! We started by going to the traditional stores like Babies R'Us and Target and like I expected baby boy bedding is not as impressive nor do they have as much of a selection as they do for girls. We didn't find anything and so we went the fabric route. We started at Jo Ann's and found some fun bright blue and yellow graphic fabric and were leaning towards that until my mom decided to keep the day going and drive to High Fashion where I fell in LOVE with some fabric! It is brown with white graphic/modern elephants on it! It is so much fun but modern and different. We found some coordinating fabric, some accent color fabric (baby blue) and then a crib sheet to match! I am so excited! We are just waiting to confirm that baby boy #2 is really a boy but once we have our ultrasound on the 19th I will go out and get all the fabric and start sewing away!
The second project was organizing our laundry room. You might be wondering how that relates to baby so here is the story. The baby will be using the study/guest room which means that all my sewing stuff and other stuff that was there needed homes and honestly our laundry room could use extra shelving. When we moved in we had one long shelf and that was it. Not very functional considering the space. So, John added shelving and I was able to put in my fabrics/sewing stuff, clean out the linen closet of the beach towels and put more in the linen closet etc and just have a better space!
It looks so much better!

Next baby project is finding a desk for the master bedroom (I have one in mind but hopefully it is still there when we go this week sometime) and then move out the remaining stuff from the study to our room and then move out furniture etc to the garage so the room is clear and ready to be painted. Still loads of work to do especially when we move everything to the garage and have to sort that mess out but we are making strides and the baby might have a room when he comes!

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Stori said...

Isn't getting your house all organized just the best? I can't believe you are making the babies bedding, I'm a little in awe of you. I wish I knew how to sew!