Monday, October 18, 2010

4 years later....

On Wednesday, John and I celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary!

We didn't do anything to celebrate and celebrated on Sunday since he was in Austin for work and I was home with Peyton....the more I think about wasn't really fair!

We did celebrate with a nice late lunch/early dinner at Pappadeux's (minus Peyton) and then some shopping! We went and bought the rug for the nursery which I am so excited about! I love Pottery Barn and Pottery Barn Kids but never buy anything from there but I loved this rug and looked everywhere for something similar and couldn't find anything so I caved and bought it! We then went to Ikea and got his bookcase and dresser! Next week it is painting and then putting furniture together!

These past four years have had many highs but many lows and it has been difficult figuring out this whole marriage and then parenting thing. But I am so blessed and happy to say that we are in such a good place right now! We have worked through some frustrating times and have learned how to be better spouses and most importantly learned that we need to serve, love and fall in love more and more with our creator everyday before we can ever expect to be the spouse the other person needs.

I am so looking forward to another 40 plus years with John by my side! I am a blessed woman!

Here we are over the years....I need to get a four year picture and am working on it! I will add it when we finally remember to take the camera with us and get someone to take it.
Leaving our wedding on Friday, October 13th!

Celebrating our One Year Anniversary in Puerto Vallarta

Expanding our family! Year 2!

Celebrating 3 years in the Hill Country visiting wineries....without Peyton!

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