Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pumpkins and Pumpkin Coffee

Tonight John and I were exhausted, slightly low on patience and it was only 6:30 PM so I decided to call my parents and see if they were up for us coming over to carve Peyton's pumpkin. I figured between four adults we could accomplish it and not be too frustrated at the end and worse case John and I could just make a run for it and leave her there!

I was surprised that Peyton didn't love the messiness of it considering she loves dirt and painting with her hands. She was actually grossed out and would only use her ice cream scoop.

At one point she made everyone smell the pumpkin seeds which she thought was pretty amusing. She is so bossy! Also, check out the CRAZY hair! And true to Peyton form she made sure to inform dad how to properly dispose of the pumpkin.
John did a great job following the design that Peyton colored on there beforehand and it turned out to be a pretty cool pumpkin.

And no pumpkin carving experience would be complete without enjoying a cup of Pumpkin coffee....

I couldn't leave that picture on here without some explanation! My dad made us all Pumpkin coffee when we were done well little miss adult Peyton wanted some too. So, my mom convinced her to wait patiently in the living room while she made her "coffee"......aka.....chocolate milk in a coffee cup. She was so excited to have her "coffee" and was hilarious throughout the whole time we were sitting there. She was watching everyone on how to properly hold her cup, she crossed her legs, she would appropriately drink a little, put her cup down and engage in our conversation and even at one point did a social laugh. She was hilarious and we all couldn't stop laughing. She ended up having three cups of "coffee" and thought it was the greatest experience ever. I really think she just like the adult/grown up aspect of it. We all laughed that when she tries real coffee when she is older she will inform them (probably very matter of fact) that this is not real coffee as she has been drinking coffee since she was two.

As John said....like mother like daughter....let the Starbucks trips double!

Oh and the mark on her face....permanent marker from the pumpkin. When my mom told her to draw the eyes she managed to also point to her eye and make a beauty mark. Nice but in case you were wondering Sharpie comes off pretty easily with just a baby wipe.

Finally but so exciting....John felt baby boy kick several times tonight! I didn't realize he was kicking that hard but I guess so! It is crazy that John was already able to feel him and a couple of times considering he probably only felt Peyton twice the whole pregnancy!

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