Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Baby #2: 18 Weeks

Today was an exciting day because we got to see our precious little boy again!

We had our ultrasound with the specialist to check his anatomy and make sure everything is growing and forming like it should be and to follow up on the placenta previa issues from my last appointment.
I have tons of pictures but none are really recognizable as anything so I am not going to scan them for now.

Check out my huge baby boy bump! I feel huge and just know I have so much more to go. I don't know why my body explodes into a blimp!

I have gained a little over 10 pounds and having INTENSE heart burn! I didn't have heart burn with Peyton until the end so who knows how I feel in a couple of months. I am feeling the baby kick pretty regularly throughout the day which is so nice because Peyton never kicked. I am loving it!

We are pretty much set on a name and just continuing to try it out for another couple of weeks before we announce it but after narrowing the names down from a starting list of 40, I am pretty sure this is the name for our little man!

Baby Acord #2 is for sure a boy which was a relief since we have started on his room! He is growing right on track and his heart, spine, brain, kidneys, stomach and everything is just perfect and working how it should. It was an amazing sight to watch his heart work and watch the blood flow and just see God's amazing attention to detail! I love it!

As for my appears to either have moved considerably on its own in two weeks or they read the ultrasound wrong two weeks ago. The specialist was very happy and fine with my placenta placement but had no answers for why I have such bad cramping and so much pain. My cervix looks fine and she really didn't have an answer besides that I have a possibly, "irritable uterus that just might not like being pregnant." What! An irritable uterus! What is that!?! Anyways....I am to continue to take it easy and rest as much as I can and just monitor it. I also went and got a maternity belt to help relieve the pressure and weight in hopes that will help. I was a relieved that the placenta previa is no longer an issue because that clears up a whole lot of potential issues but it was a little frustrating to not know why I am in such pain and what that could mean. I am going back in four weeks to see the specialist so we can make sure to closely monitor my cervix and make sure things don't change for the worse and I have my regular OB appointment next Thursday.

Check out the women in our house and their growing tummies....isn't she adorable!

And here she is giving baby a kiss! I can't wait to see her love on her little brother and I know she will be amazing!

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