Saturday, October 9, 2010

Baby #2: 17 Weeks and Getting the House Ready

Today I am 17 weeks...or based off of baby boy's measurements, I could be 18 weeks since he has been measuring big every ultrasound. Either way, this pregnancy is moving SLOWLY! Based off the doctor's thinking we might have to have him at 37 weeks (hopefully we can push that out) we have between 19-20 more weeks! Crazy!

Here are some pregnancy updates, I am still cramping and having a good amount of pain by the end of the day especially when I do too much (and apparently even just loading/unloading the dishwasher and taking care of Peyton) but even when I take it easy all day and do barely anything, I am still in some pain by the end of the day just not as bad. I am going to go this week and suspend my membership to the gym because even if I am given the go ahead to start exercising again I don't see it being a decent enough workout to allow me to go to the gym. I am sure a walk will be about the extent of it or some at home Yoga!

We have four top names at this time which is exciting and we are just trying them on and getting a feel for which one feels right. I am excited though that we finally settled on four that we both are really happy with!

We have made so much progress on the nursery yet it is so much more work than I remember Peyton's being. We live in a three bedroom house and so when Peyton's room went from a guest room to the nursery, we had another room to store things, now we don't and we are trying to maximize space in the master bedroom closet, laundry room and storage in the attic and making sure to purge, purge, purge. I am not one for much clutter/keeping things around for the sake of it but even still we have a good amount of stuff. We have the closet of the nursery completely cleared out and all baby stuff only in there and pretty much all that is left in the nursery is the old study furniture which leads to our other project........a GARAGE SALE! We are getting ready to sell a whole bunch of stuff this coming Saturday to help clear out the attic and garage and just make some money to help with buying everything for baby boy. It is a good amount of work but I am excited and I have already gotten people asking on several of the big items and wanting to come before the sale to pick them up! Sweet!

Once the garage sale is done we will have everything out of the nursery and can start painting, putting furniture together and making it baby boy's home! We are picking up the fabric tomorrow so we are well on our way!

Other baby stuff I need to do is get a flu shot, continue to convince my toddler why I can't pick her up and learn to take a deep breath when my house is a mess and I can't do anything about it.

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Stori said...

Yep, just accept the guilt and then let it go! You are giving Peyton the gift of a baby brother, and even though its hard to not be able to hold her, she'll thank you for it one day... just maybe not right away, haha! What a blessing babies are!