Saturday, October 30, 2010

School Costume Parade

This Thursday at school Peyton had a Halloween Costume Parade! Well, I had ordered a mermaid costume for her about a month ago and pregnant mommy brain ordered the wrong size so we had to make do with what we have around the house. I gave her the option that morning to be either a princess or a Longhorn cheerleader. She without hesitation picked the cheerleader. She is so not into princesses, even the movie Cinderella is about mice not a princess!

I couldn't get any great shots of her before we left as she was more concerned with what Dora the Explorer was doing but she was super cute!

We will see what she wants to be on Sunday for Halloween! I can't wait to watch her go Trick or Treating! She is going to LOVE it!

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Stori said...

Even I have to admit... she is CUUUTE in her Longhorn cheerleaders costume!