Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Baby #2: 16 weeks and a little bump along the road

This past Sunday we hit 16 weeks with baby #2....working on a picture but I was too tired Sunday, yesterday was crazy and tonight John is out so I don't know if I will up to take a picture when he gets home. Working on it.....

Here is how I have been feeling.....

I have gained around 7-8 pounds already.

I can wear some of my regular clothes, jeans that I bought post pregnancy last time before I fit in my regular jeans and some tight/small maternity shirts.

I am getting crazy headaches which I am attributing to difficulty sleeping.

I don't crave anything and really don't have a great appetite but am at least able to eat.

I am tired. Hence why I put my 2 weeks notice in at work last week so I can take time to prepare physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually in the coming months for baby #2 among other reasons.

Here is what my doctor had to say at my appointment today....

Blood pressure, urine sample all look good which is an improvement from the last two times

And this is where it gets interesting....when I brought up some weird cramps I have been having pretty much everyday starting around noon and get progressively worse until I can't stand anymore at night time. She asked a bunch of questions and determined that she needed to check my cervix. Checked that and everything was fine, more questions and determined we should do an ultrasound. Waited for about a hour, had an ultrasound and determined that the placenta is either partially covering or very, very close to my cervix which is also known as Placenta Previa. She called the high risk doctor who does my screenings (down syndrome and anatomy scans) to see if we needed to move my next ultrasound with her up from the 19th. They talked and talked.

Verdict was...I am to go on pelvic rest (want to know what it is, look it up, but I am sure you can guess what it all entails), take it easy, limit how much I pick up Peyton, limit housework/lifting and whenever I feel cramping to rest until it stops. Then in two weeks, we will go for my ultrasound and we will evaluate the situation. There are two outcomes right now that we can see my uterus stretches/grows the placenta will move away from my cervix and although still be too close it won't be too bad and will just need close monitoring. Two...the placenta is indeed on my cervix and it doesn't move and we will monitor closely, I will go on bed rest at home at around 26-28 weeks and then be admitted to the hospital around 35-36 until I have the baby (dates vary based on what happens).

I started freaking out and was quickly reminded why I see my doctor as she very calmly reassured me and told me not to worry and that the baby is fine. I also thought she was awesome to staying in during her lunch hour to make sure that she was there to help read my results and then just had someone pick up lunch for her. I appreciated her staying with me and waiting through all of this. I did get to see more of the baby after we went through all of the placenta worries to just document his size etc and he is measuring a week early and is still a boy and healthy and growing!

I didn't get any pictures because it was so last minute which stinks because I wish John could have seen him. He will just have to wait until the 19th!

I am not going to lie, I am scared! I trust my doctor's and I know I need to trust God and His protection over our little boy but I am scared. So, please pray for me to relax, not be anxious or stressed and trust in God that he will see us through this no matter what.

Alright....waiting for pizza to be delivered and then since John is gone tonight it is movie night for me and Peyton....I can't feel guilty right? I am supposed to be resting!


Stori said...

Yah, rest, rest, rest! And don't feel guilty at all. I am so excited about your boy and I am going to continue to pray for yours and his health. My best friend had the beginnings of placenta previa, but it moved as her cervix stretched and she just delivered her beautiful little girl today! :)

hotmessmomma said... should rest. I had placenta previa diagnosed at 13 weeks with my 2nd and I had a really bad bleed in which I thought I was miscarrying! Anyway, I went on pelvic rest and my placenta moved out of the way as well! Even if yours doesn't, take heart, you are right to trust the Lord and your doctors. All will be well!