Monday, May 16, 2011

BUSY days!

Peyton always tells me that we are going to have a "busy day," and this weekend she was right and we have had several very busy days!

Thursday....Graham and I ran errands from 9 AM to about 6:00 PM. Then our friends the Dailey's came over and graciously watched both of our children so John and I could have our first date night in forever before we leave. We ate at Chuy's to get our Mexican food and margarita fix before we leave and then had a nice bottle of wine at a local wine bar where we could just chat and relax.

Friday...John's last day of work and the start of lots of packing/finalizing stuff.

Saturday....clean house for an open house, run errands, Titus to vet to start paperwork to arrive in Saudi (all has to be done within 10 days of arrival), open house from 1-4, and then our highlight of the weekend...a going away party hosted by our wonderful community of friends here. It was a wonderful time of just relaxing at the park and catching up with good friends and enjoying some yummy sandwiches from Pot Belly! I have pictures but our camera is in our carry on which have already made it to my parents house. Peyton loved playing at the playground for 4 hours with her friends and Graham was loved on and held by many people. John and I just enjoyed being able to take a break from moving, chat with friends and cherish the time we have with them. Everyone wrote us notes that we have been instructed to open only when we arrive in Saudi and I am so excited to read them. We were also very surprised and overwhelmed by a going away gift of a iPad. Seriously! We were overwhelmed with just having a party and the graciousness of our friends to do that so we were very surprised to get a gift and an iPad at that. They wanted to get us something that we could use, not take up too much room and also something we wouldn't go get ourselves. We are super excited to play with it on the plane and we are so thankful for every one's generosity!

Sunday....we woke up and hit the ground running! We worked on finishing up packing up all of our 10 suitcases (we also have a pack n'play and a car seat) that are to last us until our sea shipment comes in about 3 months, finishing moving everything to storage with the help of friends, cleaned out the pantry/fridge/spices, organized all items that are not to be shipped and moved into one area, had all of our suitcases and the dog's travel crate moved to my parents, finished our sea and air shipment inventory which involved hand writing around 1200 items on the carbon copy inventory forms and I feel like we did a whole lot more but I can't remember. We are pretty much ready for the movers to come tomorrow at 9:00 AM and then we will have a busy week ahead.

We are off to bed and off to a crazy four more days....

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