Thursday, May 19, 2011


Tomorrow we are heading off on our new adventure. It is still very surreal at times that this is finally happening and I sometimes feel like it isn't real and that I am just going through the motions without fully processing what is happening. And are forced to say good bye to dear friends, your accountability partner and confidant for the past five years, your sisters and inevitably knowing that you have to say good bye to parents in less than 24 hours. The goodbye part is what sucks! And no, I couldn't find a more appropriate word to describe it.

Here are some of the lows/realizations from the week...
  • Saying good bye to John's mom on Sunday. Peyton loves her and lights up when I tell her she is visiting. I am grateful for the time we have had and especially lately how much our relationship has grown and blossomed and I am sad that we are moving at the start of something really good.
  • Monday leaving our house with both kids while John stayed to manage movers with everything in it and then coming back that night to get Titus and everything is in boxes
  • Dropping off Titus to be boarded for the week and saying goodbye knowing that the next time I see him we will be in Saudi and we still don't have all our paperwork so it is a huge concern and worry of mine.
  • Dropping off John's car at the people who bought it
  • Coming to my parent's house Monday night and seeing both my sisters, my sisters friend and my other sisters boyfriend, two of my aunts, two dogs and my mom and John, Peyton, Graham...and being overwhelmed by the craziness of it all and realizing how much I will miss the loudness and craziness and long it will be until I am around them.
  • Watching Peyton give her Auntie Ashley a kiss and hug good night knowing that this will be last time in awhile and that Peyton has no idea and then saying good bye to my sister Ashley myself.
  • Saying goodbye to my sister Shannon today and remembering how grateful I am for the time that we had to get to know each other better as adults and bond while we lived here and wishing for more time with her.
  • Going to the house today and it was empty. Prepping the house for us being gone and leaving after the cleaning service had cleaned and our house was clean, and bare...very very bare.
  • Hearing Peyton tonight say that she was so excited about the airplane and that Granny and Papa were going to come with her...I hate that she will be so far from them and she is losing some of her favorite people.
I am sad. I am excited and I am ready to just get the next part of this adventure started. I am tired of packing, planning, preparing, researching, shopping and doing and want to start living our new adventure and our new normal.

I will have a post tomorrow about specific prayer requests so please look for it and please cover us with prayer!

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Kara Prater said...

Excited for you guys! The Praters will be praying for your family. I'm so thankful for technology where we can all encourage & spur one another on.
Good luck. :) when you come back to Katy to see family, you'll have to come visit the church!
Have a blast.
~Kara :)