Monday, May 9, 2011

Graham: 9 weeks

Graham is over 8 weeks now but I am just getting time to sit down and blog. He had his 8 week appointment last Thursday and is a BIG boy! He is just over 12lbs which puts him at the 83% percentile and the 23 inches which is at 94%. We expected him to be tall but not big! The weight threw us off but at the same time he eats so much and has rolls all over which I love!

Graham is still kind of fussy at times and loves to be held. The Eyes of Texas calms him down every time so it is sung constantly. He smiles a bunch, makes cute baby sounds and I love talking with him. He is super strong and lifts his head up amazingly well and according to the doctor is doing what he should be doing at 4 months. My little muscle man! He is sleeping still from about 9-3 and then occasionally will go all night until 6 AM. Overall he sleeps awful during the day (mostly because I have been too busy to enforce a nap schedule) but sleeps well at night so it is fine.

Graham is starting to look more and more NOT LIKE Peyton!!! Which gives me hope that he will look like me a little bit. And his eyes are staying very light blue which gives me hope they will stay blue.

Peyton is enjoying him more. She loves to read to him, sing to him and just be silly around him. Never fail....she will get a smile out of him! He loves her!

Life with two is becoming easier and more of a routine. I am comfortable going around doing errands with them and getting stuff done during the day. Considering how much is going on I figure it should only get easier once we move, get settled, unpack our boxes and make Saudi feel like like in 4-5 months maybe it will be easier!

I have pictures but John took the camera to work. Just trust me...he is cute and chunky!

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