Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Graham: 12 weeks

Graham is 12 weeks old today!

It is amazing how much has happened in his life since he was born. He arrived, came home to a busy/stressful house as we were preparing to get our house on the market, inventory, shop, take care of the insane amount of to do items, pack, move to my parents house for a couple of nights, get on his first plane trip and fly across the world, move into a new house, new room/bed and new country.

To say life has been a little crazy for the poor guy would be an understatement so it makes perfect sense that he LOVES being here in Saudi. He loves that we no longer have tons of things to do and have tons of time to talk, smile and interact with him. He is liking the predictability of the same bed, house, routine and Graham is thriving! The days when all I want to do is get on a plane and go home, he always gives me tons of smiles and reminds me that someone is happy here!
Here is what is going on with our little man...
  • Pretty much since a couple of days after we arrived Graham started sleeping through the night and not getting up for his 2- 3 AM feeding. He pretty consistently sleeps from 9 PM - 6AM which is nice!
  • He is not near as fussy! He pretty much cries for a diaper change, food and then when he is sleepy. He can have a screaming fit if he is tired and can't settle down and just works himself up but he isn't fussing constantly like back home.
  • He sleeps in his own bed, swing, car seat, stroller, couch...NOT IN MY ARMS....during his naps! This is HUGE! Back home he constantly wanted to be held!
  • Graham falls asleep pretty easily on his own. Swaddle him and put his lovey (silk side down) on the top of his head/side of his cheek and he falls asleep. Only thing is that you have to catch him before he is too tired or else he will have a FIT and it takes a whole lot more to get him to sleep.
  • Graham is content to lay on his back, or his tummy and hang out by himself for awhile which is new and wonderful
  • His favorite song is still "The Eyes of Texas" and he will immediately calm down as soon as you start singing it. The second favorite is "Texas Fight." I will use this against him if he ever gets it in his head that he wants to go anywhere else besides Texas!
  • Graham is a smiling, babbling, cooing machine! I love it! He smiles all the time at you now, loves to talk and his so cute.
  • He wants to roll over so bad and can get the bottom half going over and so I think he is really close
  • He loves to suck on his hands
  • Graham adores his sister and constantly tries to watch her, listen to her and one of his favorite things is to listen to her read him books
  • He LOVES bath time and just starting kicking his legs and splashing around which he loves and it gets him so close to laughing.
  • Graham is still a good eater and eats 4 ounces of formula every three hours during the day. He is super chunky and I LOVE his rolls! I have been meaning to take a picture of him in just his diaper to remember this time.
  • His eyes are still blue!
  • John thinks he is starting to look more like me! He does this little smirk thing (picture is one of his many Che smirks) with his mouth like me which makes John laugh!
Graham, we love you so much! We are so happy that we get to be your family. You are utterly adorable and already have a sweet personality that is your own. You are such a reminder that all that matters is family. We might not have a nicely put together house, we live somewhere completely new and foreign, you don't really have a room, you have no toys but you have a mommy, daddy and sister that LOVE you and that is all that you care about (and food). You remind me of what is important right now.

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