Thursday, May 19, 2011

Off we go...

I am writing this post in advance of us leaving but when it publishes we will be waiting to be picked up and are heading to the airport with 12 bags and 2 kids and hopefully arriving in our new home of Saudi in about 20 hours plus (15 hours to Dubai, 3 hour layover, 75 minute flight into Dammam).

So far this week I have been feeling like this is a whole out of body experience. I don't really feel like we are moving, just going on a long and very complex vacation.

Even going to the airport and saying good bye to family....I don't know if it will have completely hit us yet and I almost hope it hasn't so we can put on our brave faces for Peyton.

As we leave, we are so incredibly thankful for all the help, dinners, support and encouragement everyone has given us....

And as we head off....we are seeking prayer and lots of it over these next few hours, days and weeks.

Specifically please pray for the following....
  • Pray over our travel to Saudi. Pray for strength and patience for John and I as we navigate flying with two little kids. Pray that we communicate well with each and show each other extra grace. Pray for safe travels, no flight delays and a quick processing time through customs in Saudi so we can arrive at our new home as quick as possible. Pray for rest on the plane and specifically that Peyton sleeps. Pray that Graham is calm and not fussy and we are able to address his needs quickly and effectively.
  • Please, please, please pray for Titus and his flight. This is one of the major worries/concerns I have and I am just praying that everything goes smoothly and he arrives safe and sound in Saudi and is released into our custody with no issue. Pray for his paperwork to be correct and in order. Pray for his flight (he leaves Saturday and arrives Monday) and that he isn't too scared and he handles it well. Pray that he makes it to Saudi when he is supposed to. Pray that the custom official just lets him pass through with no problems. Pray that Peyton understands that he will be there in a couple of days and doesn't get too upset. Pray that Titus arrives!
  • Pray over our arrival in Saudi. Pray that we are processed through customs quickly. Pray that we find the appropriate people from Aramco quickly and that they are effective in assisting us. Pray that all of our bags make it there and are processed through customs without any issues. Pray that we get to our house quickly and without any hiccups. Pray that we are comforted that despite all the unknowns and changes in surroundings and culture that God is still with us and walking us through this.
  • Pray over our first night in Saudi. Please pray that we are able to get home and quickly get everyone to sleep. Pray that Peyton is not scared of the new house and new surroundings and is comforted by us. Pray that John and I can rest as much as possible and have the strength and energy to meet our kids needs and that God intercedes where we fall short. Please pray that our phone works and we can call our parents to let them know we got there.
  • Please pray for our first week in Saudi. Pray for us to quickly get settled in our house, get acquainted with the camp and where things are, John's first day of work and just starting our new normal. Pray that we recover from jet lag quickly. Please pray that we get connected with other families and that we are intentional about seeking out relationships and building a new community of friends. Pray that we adjust to the heat. Pray that our television, phone and Internet are all up and running quickly so we can communicate with our friends and family back home.
We are so excited/sad/nervous/scared/ready/anxious about this new adventure and are beyond thankful for the support, love and prayers that our friends and family have given us. We will probably be without Internet for a little bit which means no blog posts for awhile. I will update as soon as we have Internet and catch you up on hopefully will be lots of answered prayers!

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