Sunday, May 29, 2011

New New House

Peyton always says "new, new" when describing our house. It can't just be the "new" house. Well, I know that my mom has been curious on what it looks like so I will go ahead and post some pictures. Keep in mind that it is filled with nasty Aramco borrowed furniture and is not that impressive and honestly I currently hate it.

However, once we get some paint on the white walls and our furniture/decor, I think (hope) we will love it. It is nice and bigger than our old house and a great floor plan which you can see here. I think we will really like the large room off of the kitchen (and far away from the kids rooms) which we plan on making a family room/TV/play area which will allow John and I to actually watch movies without putting them on the lowest audible volume in fear of waking up kids like we did in League City.

When you walk in there is a small foyer/entry area but pretty much you walk into a large living/dining room area that is in the middle of the house. It has sliding doors in the front and back of the room which allows for lots of light and it is a pretty good sized room. We will have a TV, couch and chairs in here as well as what used to be our formal dining table which will become our main and only eating area. I went ahead and bought slip covers for the leather dining chairs since we will be using the chairs daily now. This is one of the rooms I am the most excited about getting my stuff for. I worked hard to find different stuff and most of the pieces going in here are new and I LOVE the two wing back armchairs I found for here (you will have to wait until we get our shipment to see them even though I do have pictures of them somewhere). I am looking forward to many gatherings, meals, fellowship with friends, watching college football at 2 AM in this room. It will be a big gathering place and I hope a place with fond memories!

Off on the right side of the living/dining area is the small laundry hallway and then the kitchen and another room which is pretty large and will become a more casual TV and playroom.

The kitchen does have a huge pantry which I love because I am buying in bulk (although it doesn't look like it now) and I know this will come in handy. Pretty much our house has pretty good storage and combined with our furniture we should be set which is a nice surprise.

Our kitchen looks out to the side yard which has a large tree in it which I like to look at. The kitchen has great cabinet space and is spacious. It is just missing some of my necessary cookware, a microwave and a toaster! I can't wait until our air shipment gets here and I can have mixing bowls!

There is a big empty space next to the cabinets where some people put a second fridge. If we ever do need a second fridge it is going in the garage so instead I bought a stand alone island from Ikea. It is white/stainless steel and has a butcher block top and will be a nice place to prepare food and it will have an outlet right above it so I am thinking about making it a baking/prep area. This is the most depressing room of our house. It is right off the kitchen and also leads back into the large living/dining room area. It is also at the back of the house and has some sliding doors off the side which allows lots of light and will be nice when our large backyard finally has grass instead of dirt but currently it is a big, bare and ugly room. It will eventually have a TV, couch, play storage, a small kids table and be a comfy, casual living area. There is a small pass through on the wall that currently has the desk which opens into the kitchen so I will be able to hear and see somewhat what is occurring in there and it really is just off the kitchen and to get to the main living area you have to either walk through there or back through the laundry area. This is one of the rooms I am looking to have painted before our stuff comes!

In the living area of the house on the left side of the main dining/living area is where the bathrooms and bedrooms are off a long hallway. Pretty much it is our room, then the kids bathroom, Graham's room and then Peyton's room.

Here is the kids bathroom. It does have lots of storage and that is about it. Pretty plain and boring. But I have a bright blue with oranges, greens and fun ABC letters shower curtain and bath stuff coming so it will become more happy!
Here is Graham's room. There is nothing in there...poor kid. But it will look cute! I will probably have it painted as well before our stuff comes, probably a color similar to what it was in League City but maybe add some blue accents like a strip along the top like his curtains. We will see. It is the smaller of the rooms but he is the youngest so that is what he got!
Peyton's room is HUGE! You seriously could put two kids comfortably in there. There is still space behind me in the picture. The picture really doesn't show how big it is. Her room is also the nicest decorated so far since I brought her bedding, wall hangings and we bought her a dresser here. She has tons of room for her small bookcase from home, her table and kitchen and I am even going to look for another bookcase to add for her books since we have so much space. I am going to have her room painted a pale smoky blue with a bright pink strip around the top. Her curtains are bright pink and same with her rug. She still has some fun sea themed pictures coming that I got at Pottery Barn Kids and we have some mermaid decals to put on the wall but I wanted to wait until we painted. Overall I am very happy with the size of her room and am excited to see it put together.

Here is our room. Also depressing to me! I LOVED my master bedroom back home and worked so hard to make it a nice place for John and I. I know that it will feel nicer when our stuff comes but for now, I hate it. I even went out and tried to buy new sheets to add some color (the ones provided were like sandpaper and nasty 80's yellow flower print) and it helped but I also realized when I got home that I bought a blue fitted sheet and a black flat sheet...ugh! It also stinks that we have an uncomfortable double bed...seriously! We went from a king to a double! Please, please hurry sea shipment with my king sized tempurpedic!

What I do like about our room are the closets! There are two closets like the one shown and then there is a walk in closet on the other side of the room! I have claimed the walk in closet and half of one of the other ones! Our bathroom is off the bedroom (pretty much to the right of where the picture was taken) and reminds me of my bathroom in my college apartment. There is a vanity area right off of the bedroom with no door which is going to stink when we are over jet lag and John is trying to get ready in the morning while I am sleeping and then there is a door to the toilet/shower. I am also planning on having this room painted but will probably wait until after our stuff comes because I am having a hard time deciding on colors and I changed some things up in our room (new curtains and some new accent fabrics) so I need to see what it looks like all together before I decide.

There it is...our new house. It also has a pretty good sized backyard with lots of trees and a large covered patio which once it stops being 100 plus outside will be nice to sit out and grill!

I look forward to when our stuff comes, our house feels more like a home and I can share the after pictures!

And by the case you were wondering....I still don't have Internet and am only able to blog because I am "borrowing" my neighbors wireless! Hopefully soon and tomorrow we will be getting our satellite TV (supposed to have been today but they never showed...some things are the same whether you are in Saudi or the States...cable people)!

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