Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ballet class

While we were back in the States, I went to a dance store with Peyton and bought her ballet shoes, a leotard and tights. I knew that there were ballet classes in Saudi and I didn't put her in them in the fall because we had swimming and I wasn't sure if she was ready to be a class setting like ballet since we were having issues at swimming and also I didn't want to overload us with first being there. Well, I thought she would be ready now and so when we got back I talked to the teacher and she went to her first class the Monday before we left for Oman. 

Here she is all ready for class....

Although normally parents are not supposed to stay during the class, I asked if I could stay during the first one to get a feel for how she did in there and if this was something we would want to continue. As soon as she got in there two of her friends told her to come sit with them which I thought was adorable and they both helped her with what to do and when. It was pretty sweet. Peyton did great, followed instructions and did really well. She also had a blast and I could just see her light up with joy while she was dancing around. 

She missed this week because she was sick but we are excited about Saturday and lessons then. They also have a performance middle of March and I had a coworker of John's bring over a white leotard and tights for her since it is part of the required costume for Swan Lake....yes, they are doing Swan Lake! How cute is that!

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