Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Oman Day 1- Mutrah Souq

Although we headed out to the Souq later than we had hoped, it worked out well because most of the cruise ship passengers had already left for the day and we could wander around just before the shops closed with less people around. 

The souq was beautiful and we loved the ceilings. Every main intersection in the souq had a different design. There were a wide variety of stores and we enjoyed looking around and just taking in the sights.

John found a khanjar (a curved dagger) at one store and started bartering and after some negotiating bought one with a camel bone handle. He has been wanting one for awhile so I am glad he was able to find one he liked.

We wandered around the souqs a little more and I found a scarf that I liked and then got some lunch at a restaurant in the souq. Graham was very excited to be eating lunch....

Following lunch we decided to drive around the city and surrounding areas while the kids napped in the car. We drove through Old Muscat, along the Corniche and by the Sultan's Palace and then went and found a Mexican restaurant for dinner. We enjoyed enchiladas and Peyton enjoyed her usual rice and beans and then we headed back to the hotel and everyone went straight to bed because we had an early morning the next day!

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Chicago Mom (Heather) said...

Hi - you left a comment on my blog. Thank you - that swimsuit is from Norstroms! Enjoy your trip!