Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Easy Dog Puppet Craft

In an attempt to not go as stir crazy and be more purposeful with the time that we do have at home. I decided to make a craft/activity box. One night a week is my planning night where I look for, print off and prepare various crafts to store in the box. I put each one in a large ziploc bag with all of the materials needed including glue sticks, crayons....pretty much anything we will need so I don't have to take the time to gather all the materials. I have an assortment of things in there from preschool worksheets, simple crafts, games, crafts related to our bible lesson for the week and pretty much anything that I would be happy about doing at anytime of the day regardless if Graham is awake etc. So, the idea is that when we are bored out of our mind and have nothing to do I just pull something out and we have an activity to last about 15-30 minutes and help us get out of our "we are bored" mood.

This morning we did our first craft which I got off of DLTK's website which has a wealth of ideas for preschool crafts. The paper bag dog craft was super easy to prepare...all I did was print off the pieces from the website, gather a glue stick, and paper bag. Peyton did the whole thing by herself and loved it. She had the idea to give him a collar, leash and a name tag so I did run around and get some construction paper, ribbon and a hole punch while she was gluing the pieces on. It was lots of fun, a break from the normal and once we were finished she went around to look for things to make him a cage, a bed and food which resulted in an additional 30 minutes of play time!

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