Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Year...New Hopes...New Goals...

I can not say that 2011 was a bad year because it was the year that we welcomed Graham into our family and he is such a precious blessing and we are so thankful for him....but I will say that I am glad 2011 is over and past us! 

It was such a difficult year, so many ups and downs, changes, challenges and I am thankful we made it through. With having a difficult pregnancy, birth of a baby and adjusting to having two kids, moving across the world, John changing jobs, putting our house on the market (hoping it sells soon) and adjusting to life in the Middle East...it has been rough! I looked back at my post for the goals for 2011 and I happy to say that we kept our resolutions...we made it through the year and are at a good place as a family, in our marriage and in our relationships with God.

And now it is time have new goals and hopes for 2012....
  • To continue to date, pursue and put my marriage first.  As hard as this year has been we have continued to grow and are in a very good place. I am so thankful that our marriage has been protected from all the ups and downs.
  • To be more intentional in instructing our kids in the ways of the Lord. Being purposeful with our time, activities and opportunities to teach, show and demonstrate God's love for them.
  • Pursue my interest in photography more through courses, time, practice and allow it to be my creative outlet....without feeling guilty for the time and money it takes!
  • Establish a healthy, manageable routine and balance that allows me to care for myself physically, mentally and emotionally so I can be in the best position/shape to care my husband, family and others.
  • To protect my thoughts and my mind from the negative by living in the moment and finding the blessings in my life daily and thanking God for where we are now, how I am serving Him now, what my job looks like today, and what is happening today in my life.
Hope and pray that everyone has a wonderful 2012 and that God continues to richly bless you and your families!

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