Saturday, January 14, 2012

Stop Growing....Please

Although I know we were on vacation for nearly two months, it is still crazy to me how much both Peyton and Graham have changed and grown up.....and it makes me sad. I know all parents say they just don't know where the time goes and it is so true. Time flies by and what was once your little baby girl is now a spirited toddler and your little baby boy that you just brought home from the hospital is now crawling and getting into everything.

About a year ago, Peyton and I really started to find our grove with discipline, expectations and started to have a good system. It has continued and although we have moments and sometimes brief phases, I feel like she has good, consistent structure and discipline and I have a routine that works and therefore we are a happy family. She is so opinionated, thinks she knows everything, will tell you that she knows best and loves to attempt to negotiate with me. She is a firecracker! She makes me want to scream and pull my hair out often and yet makes me laugh with her very lengthy (and often creative) explanations on why she should do things. She questions everything. 

She is also so sweet, friendly and I am amazed at her ability to just go and make friends wherever. She has no fear and just runs up to any kids her age, says her names and starts playing.  Peyton has wonderful manners and often says, "no thanks," to questions, always says "please and thank you," orders her food and is so polite. She has learned how to talk on the phone well and will walk off with the phone and talk in "private." She is incredibly silly, has a great imagination and loves to just be silly and goof off with me. We often play the most random silly goose poses, duck cat and other random animal combinations and she just has so much fun. I love her laugh!

Peyton loves quality time and cuddles. She adores her family and always needs to know where everyone is. She has a wonderful relationship with her extended family and knows that they love her and she adores them. She loves her brother and whenever she hears him waking up in the morning or from his nap she runs in there immediately and tells him good morning. She often asks where Graham is and when he is crying will start singing to him. She is a good big sister but she gets frustrated when he touches her stuff and is having to learn to share with her brother!

Peyton likes routine, things done the same way at the same time and does not do well with unexpected change. She has a strong opinion on how things should be done and doesn't handle it well when you do it differently. And did I mention that she looks (and acts) just like her daddy....

The biggest milestone lately for Peyton is finally becoming potty trained! When we were in Washington my mom had her throw her diaper over the deck of her house and yell, "no more diapers." Peyton thought it was hilarious and we would joke about it over the next few days and it worked! She still sleeps at night time in her diaper but other than that we are diaper free. Another example of how she will do things when she wants to. Might have taken over a year but hey...she decided she was ready and here we are!

As for Graham....I can't even begin to list the amount of milestones he has hit in two months...he is such a happy, smiling, go with the flow baby and he is such a big boy! My dad nicknamed him "the Rock," because he is just solid!

These past two months you have....crawled, said Mama and Dada, started pulling up, drinking from a cup, feeding yourself table food, clapping your hands, playing peek-a-boo with your hands and blankets, said "Dog," making kissing sounds......

You are definitely a boy and are into everything, have no fear and I am pretty sure you have had a bruise or scratch on you since you started sitting up on your own. You ADORE your sister and love to wrestle with her, follow her, annoy her and just want to be around her. You get sad when she is crying and when she is in timeout you crawl after her and try to give her hugs which normally result in her laughing. You don't like me telling you "no" or "don't touch" and typically don't try it more than once. You LOVE outlets and despite many "don't touch" you still go for them and it drives me crazy!
Your favorite time of the day is lunch time. You are a little cranky by dinner but at lunch you are happy and ready to eat and you EAT! You are starting to eat pretty much whatever we have for lunch or dinner and then some baby food on the side. You are not picky at all and I love that you will eat anything. You are getting frustrated if you can't do it yourself and would rather pick up food than be fed. You also LOVE to give the dog food and don't seem to understand why you can't.

You are a sweet boy and although you move a thousand times more than your sister did and rarely sit still you still cuddle mommy now and again. You won't sit still for story and even when you get your bottles you don't want to be too cuddled but when you are sleepy or get hurt you will immediately come to your mommy and will cuddle in my arms.

I am so thankful that I get to be mommy to these two precious children. It is by far the hardest job I have ever had but the most rewarding! 

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