Friday, March 9, 2012

Birthday Celebration

Yesterday was such a fun day celebrating Graham and I hope that he felt loved and cherished! I had planned for several weeks how the day was going to go to make it as special as possible for him since we were so far from family and John was supposed to be working all day and wouldn't see him. It was for sure harder on me than him without family especially when I thought back to Peyton's first birthday and how much family was able to celebrate with us. But....that is life as an expat and we made it work!

We started the day with his favorite blueberry waffles with strawberries on top and then skyped with Grandma Martha and she was able to sing him Happy Birthday. He then had his morning nap while Peyton and I made him a cake and wrapped his presents. We made a small cake for Graham and a big one for everyone to share but I put a candle on the big one as well so Peyton could blow it out and participate. 

Once Graham woke up we worked on getting lunch together because John was able to get a ride home and come home for lunch! He only had about 45 minutes so I needed to make sure Graham's favorite meal was ready...strawberries, green beans and fish sticks. We were able to eat lunch as a family, sing Happy Birthday and watch Graham make a mess of the cake and open gifts. John had to go back to work but we were so happy he got to see Graham on his birthday!

Peyton decided she was going to eat her cake like a baby...

Mommy totally should have put on make up, done her hair and looked a little more like she has things together! I am so in love with my little man!

Graham got a toy car from G and Papa, some books from Grandma Martha and then a ball popping table and mini tool bench toy from me, John and Peyton. The ball table yielded many screams of excitement which was expected.

We played with Graham's toys and then gave him a bath and he was out for his afternoon nap which was extra long and so we spent the remaining part of the day playing around the house, dancing, kissing and cuddling and playing our favorite game....tag in which we all crawl around so Graham can keep up and end up laughing uncontrollably. A fun day with my incredibly sweet little boy and his big sister!

Next up...his birthday party on Sunday afternoon with friends! I planned a Very Hungry Caterpillar themed party and have been having a blast putting it together. Lots of fun and it is turning out super cute so check back for pictures from that Sunday or Monday!

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