Thursday, March 15, 2012

New Passion...Photography

As a result of our move to Saudi, I have had more time and the financial resources to be able to pursue my interest in photography. I have joined an online forum called Clickin Moms and have found a wealth of information there, I have taken two courses and am hoping to do another one next month and I have  gotten the editing program Lightroom and over Christmas asked for several photography books. All have helped me grow and learn more every day about the art of photography. I only wish I had more time to devote to it...and well now.....I wouldn't mind an upgrade in my camera!

Well several weeks ago I did a newborn shoot for our friends The Perry's of their little girl. I was so nervous and put off asking to do it for weeks. I don't know why I was so nervous...probably because I had never done a baby that little and I wanted to do such a good job for them. Prior to this shoot I did three other shots outside my kids.  I am so glad I did the shoot for the Perry's because not only did I learn a ton, love the pictures....most importantly...they loved them and they were able to capture this time in their lives which is hard to do in Saudi with not a whole lot of photographers around!

I have also done a maternity shoot of a friend here and then her newborn boy shoot (more like 6 week old baby shoot) and then I did one of triplets. Here are some from the pictures that I have done for people since July when I started to actively try to learn photography.....

I don't know where this interest will lead me but for now I am having fun learning, practicing and hopefully growing. And it is always fun to be able to practice on kids outside my own and give friend's some photos for them to hopefully treasure.

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