Thursday, March 22, 2012

You Can Still Be Spontaneous

This weekend was looking to be pretty dull and long! It is a long weekend (some holiday is on Saturday) and John of course is working and then I found out that Peyton's school was canceled on Sunday so that meant we would have four days of no school and not much to do with people being on holiday. I was trying to be optimistic, planning play dates, beach time and scavenger hunts and then I talked to my sister. I didn't realize that this coming week she was off of school and had no plans, she leaves the next week for a trip to Sri Lanka. So....I tossed the idea out to John and he told me to go!

So in one evening, I went from staying here to booking plane tickets, a car and hotel for 12 days in the United Arab Emirates! We fly out tomorrow morning into Dubai and I will do the same thing I did last time and drive to Abu Dhabi and spend a week there with my sister.  Then when she leaves for her trip, the kids and I will spend four nights in Dubai exploring, relaxing and having a mini vacation. Since this was so last minute...Peyton had NO idea! When she woke up this morning I couldn't wait to tell her and see her reaction and I only wished I had the video camera on. She was so excited and wanted to go now! I am hoping to do some more tourist stuff while we are there since I don't have much shopping to do (but a girl can always shop) and it is nicer weather now as opposed to the summer when I went the first time and our last trip was to spend time with Papa! We are looking to do visit the Grand Mosque for sure and hopefully one of the souqs I have been wanting to go to. I also want to take Peyton to a movie if there is one out. I thought it would be fun for her to go with her Auntie for some special time...or with me. My plans for Dubai are to take the kids swimming, play at the beach, go to the aquarium and the children's museum/zone and have fun with them! So....our weekend got busier quick and I am busy today doing laundry and packing (good thing I travel often with these two by myself so I have packing down and it goes fast) and picking up the house! And then tomorrow we go for 12 days of fun, Auntie Ashley, driving, no abayas and an occasional adult beverage! I am thankful that we can just pack up and take a trip away and am thankful to have family so close that we can escape to!

Even though we are leaving tomorrow and have tons to do, we still took time and played at the beach today. I had planned on taking the kids to breakfast and then for a walk along the beach for sea shells. Well, that walk turned into kids walking into the water, getting soaked and playing in the sand and having a BLAST! They both had so much fun and Graham was covered in sand! I love the beach, I love taking the kids to the beach and it is my favorite part of living here. We are such a short walk from it and people pay big money back in the States for that and we pay a nominal fee for our house by the beach! I love that the beach is a new experience every time you go. The tide is never the same, the sea shells look different, the horizon, water color, is always different and gives you a different feeling and experience. The beach is soothing to me and even with kids and the insane amount of sand that comes home, the mess, the baths and the work involved...I love it! And as you can see....they loved our outing as well!

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