Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Catch Up, Abu Dhabi, Haircuts, New Work Schedule...

So much to catch up on....I have been so busy with the kids, planning Graham's birthday party and also everyone being sick off and on for several weeks that I have hardly had any free time.

So here it goes....

  • Last Wednesday the kids and I did another solo travel trip to visit my sister in Abu Dhabi and the best part of this trip was that my Dad was stopping over from his worldwide business trip and so we were able to see him! We flew from Saudi to Dubai and I rented a car and drove the 75 minutes to Abu Dhabi. As always they were both wonderful on the plane, getting the car and I am so lucky to have such great travelers! It makes it so much easier! We had 5 nights of spending time with my sister and my dad which was so much fun. We ate at real restaurants, shopped a little and mainly just enjoyed family time. The kids loved seeing both Ashley and my Dad and hardly slept the whole time out of excitement. 

Waiting outside the apartment for Auntie Ashley to get home from work
Taking Max to the park. The kids LOVED having him in the backseat

Graham enjoyed being fed with chopsticks
  • While in Abu Dhabi, Graham got his first haircut! I saw a place that looked like they knew what they were doing and there were several other kids already in their so we went ahead and got his hair cut. My sister and I had to laugh because we have NO IDEA what to do with a boys hair. We were so clueless so I just had them trim it up everywhere and I think it looks good. He was did such a great job and just sat there very serious the whole time. You could tell that he had no idea what was going on but the best thing would be to very still. Such an easy going boy...certainly a different experience from Peyton's first haircut!

Such a handsome and happy baby
  • We went to the Gold Souk one day in Abu Dhabi and I found some earrings I loved but couldn't bring myself to pay that much for them and I doubted my negotiating abilities...maybe next time! There was so much to look at and so many nice pieces of jewelry!
  • My sister and I were able to go out for a nice dinner one night. I got the kids to bed and my dad stayed behind in case the woke up and I was able to get dressed up, wear heels (borrowed from my sister) and we went to a wonderful Thai restaurant in the Emirates Palace. It was delicious food, a wonderful atmosphere and fun to walk around the ultra glamourous hotel. 
  • While we were in the UAE we went to Dubai for the day. My dad was flying out early the next day so we went to drop him off at his hotel and spent the day at the Dubai Mall with him before we had to say good bye. I lived in Dubai when I was in third grade and remember parts of being there but when my dad was explaining what was there when we lived there compared to now I was amazed. It has changed so much. So many beautiful and unique buildings and so much to see and take in. The Dubai Mall was HUGE and had everything you would ever want...including a Pottery Barn and Pottery Barn Kids. I didn't do much shopping...I think I was too overwhelmed with where to start but we enjoyed walking around, having lunch and spending more time with Papa. And I decided that I need to plan a trip to Dubai in a month or so and take advantage of the aquarium, kids play area and so much more! It would be such a fun trip with the kids.
  • While we were away, John started his turnaround which is 12 hour days/7 days a week until May. It is not fun for him, for me and for the kids. So far I am on day 3 of being solo and it is going well but I can see how this is going to get old and very tiring...hence me hoping to go to Dubai in a month! I have been able to keep Peyton up to see John every night when he gets home but she has been getting up early as well and I know she needs more sleep so I am not sure how to adjust her schedule and napping is not really an option for her. Graham is going to be hit or miss and hopefully we won't go long between times for him and Daddy.
  • Speaking of Graham....he is turning 1 tomorrow! I can't even begin to explain how crazy that is to me. I will of course have a post all for him tomorrow! I am excited about celebrating him tomorrow and then his birthday party on Sunday.

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