Sunday, March 18, 2012

Weekend Recap...First Steps and a Parade

I wanted to do a quick recap of this past weekend before the week kicked off and would get behind in blogging....

Starting with Wednesday.....Graham took his first steps! Totally took me by surprise! We were leaving for a birthday party and he let go of the chair and took two steps. I was so proud of him and while we were at the party he kept walking between me and two of my friends. He loved showing off his new skill! I tried to take a video but with only one person to help set him up, take the video and be there to catch him...the video stinks! I did manage to keep him up and he walked four steps to John when he came home from work.

Thursday was the Ras Tanura Parade and Carnival and it was awful weather for it...a light sand storm and super windy. We had a float for the Moms and Tots that we decorated Wednesday but I didn't go on it because I had no desire to be contained to a moving vehicle for 90 minutes with Graham and Peyton was in a cranky mood that day so I didn't send her by herself. The theme was Passport to the World so I dressed the kids up in their Canada gear and off we went. I also realized that we only have two American flags in the whole house which is the extent of our American paraphenalia. I told John he needs to get on that and help represent. 


How does a parade work here in Saudi...pretty much the have the horses...some camels...and trucks decorated and then golf carts decorated which is what a lot of people use for transportation around camp. 

Friday we were able to have lunch with John which was nice and other than that we just spent the weekend hanging out at home and entertaining the two little ones...solo! Turnaround is getting old and I am getting pretty tired/worn out but that is a different post for a different day! 

Also over the weekend we took some pictures outside and played around. I wanted to share a picture of  the family member probably least featured on the blog....Titus! He has been around much longer than either of the kids (we got him seven years ago) but as  I am sure it is the case with most pets...the kids kind of took over our life and attention and he is a little neglected. He is such a wonderful dog and beyond patient with both of the kids. He has his moments and behaviors that we wish would be different but when you have a dog that loves to play with the kids, puts up with them and is so look past those annoying moments. I love that he goes outside to play with Peyton all the time and will lay still for her to trace him in sidewalk chalk! And he is a great guard dog...the other night John thought he closed the front door when he went to the store but if you aren't careful it blows open, so sure enough it blew open. I came out of the bedroom about 40 minutes later and I see Titus sitting at attention at the open that it is an AWESOME dog! We love him!

And today we woke up to this lovely weather....a sand storm...also known as a Shamal. It brought 25-25 mph winds the night before and during the day and lots of sand. It was a stay indoors kind of day. I kind of laughed on the way to school though on how some kids have to go to school during snow storms and here I am heading out in a sand storm. Thats life in the Middle East!

This week is a little busy with Peyton's first ballet recital which we are praying hard that John can attend, sports day at school and hopefully Mommy getting back into a workout routine....I have been a little lazy since the challenge ended!

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