Sunday, March 11, 2012

I got a door....

My prize for the weight loss challenge was $500...which to me still seems crazy that John would offer that. He is so not like that and it was a lot of money! Anyways, I am glad he had a moment of insanity because it worked out for me! John knew that I loved an old wooden antique door from Afghanistan that I saw when we were buying our buffet from a store called Anteak Factory. The door was a little more than my prize money but I was hoping John would show spot me the difference. When I left for Abu Dhabi, I told him to go and look and see if it was there when he was running errands one night but he told me he didn't have time and he also told me to go ahead and spend my prize money at the gold souk in Abu Dhabi which led me to believe that he didn't go and look at the door. 

So, when I got home on Monday and that night got a call about a delivery, I was so confused. Since I would have to vouch for whoever was coming at security I called John and he told me Anteak was coming and I immediately knew it was the door! I was pretty excited and then both kids started screaming, it was bath/bed time and the guys were lost and spoke awful English so we couldn't figure out how to get them here and I was alone and tired from traveling so my excitement turned into annoyance. But when it was delivered and I got the kids were asleep I was able to be excited about i!

The door is SO much bigger than I thought and I had a very hard time finding a place for it in the house. Where I originally wanted to put it wouldn't work because it was so tall and the front entry has low ceilings and is dark. We found a corner to put it and I like it there but know it would look even better in our future house. I laugh because now we have to buy a house based off of a place to put a door we bought and growing up my parents would do the same thing for carpets they had and furniture pieces from their travels. 

Another piece to take back from our adventures in the Middle East! I love it!

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