Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Break in Bahrain

After surviving two weeks of no school during Spring Break we decided to spend last weekend in Bahrain! It was a wonderful weekend of relaxing, enjoying time as a family and enjoying time with John and just having a break before we enter into this new phase of life as a family of five so very soon.

We started the weekend with a yummy breakfast and then John took Peyton to see the Lego movie while Graham and I headed out to shop and spend the day together. I had no desire to see the Lego movie and Graham doesn't really sit through a movie at home so we didn't attempt the movie theater with him. John and Peyton LOVED it! They are both so similar and were both so excited about the movie...I love watching John and his mini me together! 

While John and Peyton were at the movies, I was planning on finding some fun things to do with Graham and enjoy some frozen yogurt together BUT Graham ended up falling asleep in the stroller which was unexpected so instead I had a couple of hours of kid free (minus pushing the stroller) shopping which was wonderful! Then when he woke up we enjoyed our frozen yogurt! Although our time was shorter than I planned, it was so much fun to hang out with my little man!

We then headed to the hotel! We decided to stay at a different hotel than we normally do and booked at the Sofitel, a more resort type hotel than where we normally stay. It was an absolutely beautiful hotel! It was on the beach and had two great pools and just such a relaxing environment. We only wished that we could have stayed for two nights so we could have more time there. As soon as we checked in we went to the pools for several hours and played in the kids pool area with the slides and then swam in the big pool. It was fun for Peyton to show John how far she has come in her swimming (she did a swim clinic the week before during Spring Break) and Graham was just excited to finally get in the pool and swim! After swimming we got everyone dressed and headed down for the buffet dinner which was delicious…especially the desserts :) We figured we should take advantage of sitting down at a restaurant and enjoying dinner while we still can! 

That evening after getting the kids down, John and I enjoyed sitting on the patio and spending some quality time with each other. John has been taking on so much around the house when he comes home from work with me being tired/achy…pregnant…and on top of it has been studying for a huge professional certification exam the end of this month that we haven't had much time to just sit and talk and enjoy each others company. It was exactly what we needed!

The next morning we headed down for breakfast which again was delicious and the kids thoroughly enjoyed their hot chocolates…

We then got dressed and went for some more swimming! We swam pretty much up to check out and wished we could have stayed longer to enjoy the beach and swim more! Our kids are certainly water babies!

We then packed it up and headed back to Saudi :( I was so thankful for the weekend and time away and time as a family and sad it had to come to an end. It will be awhile for sure until we will be venturing out of Saudi and so it was nice to have a break to rejuvenate before we stick it out here for several months. 

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