Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter 2014

We started our Easter weekend by attending the fellowship here on camp on Friday. Such a blessing to have that resource here and to gather in celebration with a community here. The kids got dressed up and off we went…

The Easter bunny arrived Sunday morning with some goodies and eggs hidden around. I will say that the Easter bunny was a little unprepared this year but it didn't matter and the kids had a wonderful day. We had an egg hunt in the morning and the kids were so sweet in making sure to share and work together. It was was unbelievable how calm and cooperative of a egg hunt it was!

That afternoon a friend coordinated an egg hunt on the beach for all the kids and so we headed there at lunch time. All the parents brought eggs for the kids to find and it was so much fun to watch all these kids run along the beach, finding eggs and sharing with each other and making sure everyone found enough eggs. We have a great group of kids here and some wonderful friends for Peyton and Graham!

Waiting for the egg hunt…..

There were some really big eggs on the beach and Graham had found two of them. When I asked why he was picking up two he said he was getting one for Peyton and he had to find a pink one for her. Here he is delivering the big egg to Peyton…

My favorite part of this Easter though was the work and time that John put into it before Easter. He created Resurrection Eggs for the kids and him to do at bedtime. Essentially they are like an advent calendar for Easter, counting down the days until Easter by retelling the story of the death, burial and resurrection by putting different symbols in each of the twelve eggs. Each egg has a verse/part of the story to accompany with the symbol in the egg. It was such a wonderful way to help illustrate the story for the kids and has generated so many conversations and connections over the past two weeks. I was so thankful for John to do this for the kids and completely take it on as I am tired and really dropped the ball on Easter this year!

It was a beautiful weekend and day celebrating here in Saudi! 

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