Saturday, April 19, 2014

T-Ball Opening Day

Over the Easter weekend Peyton had her first t-ball game and the baseball association put on a huge opening day full of activities to celebrate the start of baseball.

Here she is all decked out in her uniform and ready to go! She liked that it had her name on there!

Part of the opening day ceremony was having every kid being recognized and run out onto the field! Here is Peyton with her team and two coaches.

And then it was time for her game! What they did for the first game was just have all the kids go through and bat once and run to the base and then the last player got to bring everyone home and there was no outs. It was mostly to practice the positions, the process of catching the ball and then throwing it to the right place.

Peyton waiting for the ball. She managed to get one hit her direction and did great getting it and throwing it to first base!

Getting ready to bat! They went through two innings to get a feel for the game.

It was a great day and so much fun watching her play and try something new. We celebrated by enjoying some hot dogs and hamburgers afterwards! It was kind of crazy watching her play t-ball and remembering when I was playing t-ball and softball and here I was watching my daughter play in Saudi Arabia! 

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