Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Trying out a little tennis

We are in the middle of a two week long Spring Break and it has been long and I am very much looking forward to the start of school next week! As much as I have loved extra time with Peyton, there is only so much we can do/find to do on camp to keep her busy and she needs school. In an attempt to keep her a little busy during the break I signed her up for tennis lessons. They were supposed to be during the day to help with our boredom but ended up being scheduled for the evenings after John gets home so that plan failed. But they do wear her out and she sleeps in the next day so I guess it helps :)

She has had a couple lessons already and she loves it! I haven't gone to watch yet because since it is at night I am pretty worn out from the day at that point but John has said he loves watching her do the lessons. She has such a positive attitude, gets so into it and although has horrible form and swings around and around when she tries to hit the ball…she is having a blast! I am so proud of her for trying something new, having a blast with it and hearing about her positive attitude and how she encourages the other kids. She is truly our leader and motivator! 

We have several more weeks of lessons (three times a week) and then if she is still loving it we can continue. It is fun to watch her be at an age where she can start trying all these different activities and see her learning new things! 

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