Sunday, April 6, 2014

Wild West Day

We have a horse stable on camp called the Hobby Farm. Each year they do some sort of event for the community to help fundraise for the Hobby Farm association. Last year it was an Easter egg hunt and this year they did a Wild West Day. You purchased tickets beforehand for the activities and a lunch and it was such a fun morning!

When you arrived you were given a paper with all the stations to attend and then they stamped it when you were done and that is how you got your lunch. They had a photo booth set up…

A milk the pretend cow station which both of my kids thought was hilarious and so much fun!

Bean bag toss into the cactus….

There was a nerf gun shooting game and then a sift for gold in the sand…

They also had a barrel race set up for the kids to run on their stick horses. They were timed and everything. It was pretty amusing watching them run the barrels.

They had some water jugs set up for calf roping and then of course horse rides. 

The final stop was a hay ride out to the back pasture to see the baby horse.  

It was such a nicely done event and such a nice change to have something like this to do on our weekends. Lots of fun!

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