Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Getting Crafty for Baby Girl

After finding out that we were having a baby girl I got the urge to get crafty and make super cute girly things for her. If I was back in the States I probably would have just gone crazy buying things off of Etsy so it is a good thing I couldn't and had to do things myself!

I started with some cute onesie dresses and a skirt. I actually had this fabric around the house and used an old maternity shirt for one of the dresses. I made matching bows from the fabrics as well for her. 

I did go out and buy some Fourth of July themed fabric for another onesie dress that I am still working on finishing….I need blue thread but I can't just drive myself out to get it but it is all pinned and ready to go so once I do get the thread it will be quick to finish up! I also have enough fabric left over to make a skirt for Peyton to match!

I used an old frame to make a bow holder and completely underestimated how many bows I already had left over from Peyton and how many I would end up making or buying. She has a whole drawer organizer full as well :) I also made some headbands to attach the bows to since I couldn't find much here. I am sure that problem with be fixed this summer when we go home!

Speaking about bows….after I made some from fabric, searched for cute ribbon in Saudi and came up short (on my shopping list for the summer) and sorted the ones I had, I found a great website through a friend called Hair Bow Club that sells pre made and custom bows for super cheap! They are based in China and ship to Saudi! I only made a small order this time of 14 hows to match some outfits that I knew I didn't have a bow for and to experiment with the various styles and sizes and the total for all 14 bows and shipping was under $15! It did take close to twenty days for them to arrive but they are nice quality bows and I am impressed. I am sure we will have several more orders in our future :)

I also couldn't find decent priced burp rags here and so I made some of my own! I made two of each of the patterns so we are set! I did attempt this one day though when I was suffering from three nights of no sleep and having a super pregnancy brain day so the first couple are a little sketchy looking on the seams but the rest turned out great.

I would still love to make a bigger bow holder with her name on it, some more outfits and more bows and maybe venture into making her a small quilt to use as a play mat/blanket but I am going to have to wait until we can go back to the States and get more supplies. I am also saving TONS of items on Etsy for ideas of things to make or just buy for her. It has been fun to make things for our little girl!

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