Saturday, August 28, 2010

Bedtime and Heels

I LOVE Peyton to pieces! Once you think you have her figured out she totally does something so off the wall that you would have never seen that coming.

Last night when we were coming home from visiting with some friends who had a baby three months ago but she unfortunately was very, very early and has been in the NICU. But God is the ultimate healer and he has rained his favor down on her and she should be coming home either this coming week or next! How awesome is that! Although we didn't get to meet the precious baby we did get to bring dinner to her parents and spend time in fellowship with them which was so much fun!

So...when we got in the car to come home Peyton saw her dress up shoes from my parents house in the back seat and asked to wear them. We put them on her and then when we got home got ready for bed and well, she still wanted the shoes on her! She insisted on going to bed with her purple, sparkly high heels! What made it a even better sight was that I haven't done laundry in forever so she had no real PJs left besides a shirt she got from my sister Shannon one time when we were over and Peyton got her real clothes all wet playing with the hose. So off she went to bed with a too big t-shirt, purple high heels and her Buzz Light year!

She managed to sleep with her heels all night and even woke us up at 5:30 AM to let us know that they fell off and she must have them back on prior to sleeping!
She got up around 7:00 AM this morning, walked into my room with her heels and climbed into my bed with them on and cuddled and now we are watching cartoons with her sparkly heels! She is still wearing them and just makes me laugh!

What a sight!


Anonymous said...

Ha Ha,,,,thats my girl....handme down clothes, sparkle heels, and Buz light year, may she always keep us guessing xo

Stori said...

She's so funny! Your little girl is a character.