Wednesday, June 1, 2011

It is almost Christmas!!!!

We got word yesterday that our air shipment has arrived and will be delivered on Saturday or Sunday! I am overjoyed and can't wait for....
  • A microwave
  • Mixing bowls, casserole dish, measuring cups, mixer, cookie sheets, non stick pots, cooking utensils that don't melt when they touch heat
  • Cheese grater which will be huge since you can't buy grated cheese here
  • Toaster
  • Dog bowls so I don't have to use two of our bowls and constantly fill them with water
  • A VACUUM (sweeping your all tile house daily to clean up dog hair stinks)
  • Graham's play mat and toys and more movies for Peyton as you can only watch Curious George 2 so many times, crayons, coloring books, bubbles, sidewalk chalk
  • Potty training supplies which will give us something to do while stuck inside all day. We can't go anywhere and it isn't like we have anything better to do, there are no rugs etc in our house yet and if she has an accident on the furniture here I don't care since it isn't ours.
  • Cutting board, muffin tin, cake pan
  • And many more wonderful things to open....
We also got word that our estimated arrival for our sea shipment is the beginning of August. We are praying hard that it comes earlier for several reasons. First, we would like to get home together and comfortable. Second, and almost even more important than the first reason is that Ramadan starts in August and everything pretty much shuts down/stops here. So, if our stuff arrives the beginning of Ramadan and say it typically takes about a week to process it and get it to would take 3-4 weeks if not longer and it might just sit at the port the whole month of Ramadan. Also, during Ramadan you pretty much stay home and going out shopping is even more difficult than it already is. So, if I am having to stay home during a hot and long month, I would really like to have something to do such as unpacking! Please pray (as silly as it seems) that our stuff arrives in our house prior to the start of Ramadan...maybe we can get a faster boat or something!

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