Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mid Week Randoms

Here is what is going on in no particular order or train of thought....
  • Peyton is now doing the Mom and Tot swim lessons and so we do it together while Graham chills in his stroller and another mom helps me out by watching him. Peyton is just to excited and silly to do a big kid group lesson. We are having is cooler than sitting outside but it is a little stressful. Praying that Graham just starts sleeping through the lesson but it is too hot and uncomfortable.
  • I made two good home made dinners this week which is big at our house. I just don't like to cook, have the time or have the ability to do regular grocery shopping
  • Peyton is getting freckle...I am trying to cover her in sunscreen and cover her up, wear hats but it might be a lost cause. They are cute though.
  • We started to look for a car. They are expensive. Have no idea what to do or get and slightly overwhelmed.
  • I met another mom who I really like and who has very similar parenting style/views as I do. I wish we could spend lots more time together but considering she just had triplets and already has two older kids I will have to stick with the time we can chat after swimming lessons.
  • I found out about another possible preschool that might work. I am going to check it out on Saturday. Our number one chose won't work for this year and so hopefully Peyton gets in next year and then she would go to the formal Pre K after that. But this would be a good solution for the coming year.
  • I am struggling with being homesick, doubting that this was the right thing to do and God's plan. I want to go home so bad. I have cried a bunch this week. I need to turn to God and find comfort there instead of complaining and crying but I am not doing that and gets harder, more overwhelming and I am more depressed.
  • It is HOT here.....feels like temperature the other day was around 128...gross and Friday it is supposed to be even hotter with 73% humidity. Gross.
Off to enjoy another weekend in Saudi!

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