Thursday, July 21, 2011

Midweek Ramblings

It has been a pretty boring week which unfortunately is a sign of what is to come next month....people are leaving on is getting hot and life is slowing down.

But here are some ramblings about our week and upcoming weekend....
  • Graham is teething which means lots of random fussy times, random night wakings and me wondering how in the world we survived on no sleep for those first few months.
  • Graham also started sitting up on his own which was exciting and sad because he is growing up :(
  • A friend here saw a Facebook post that I made last week about how I miss Saltines, Graham Crackers and sour cream and came by yesterday bearing all of those products. It was incredibly sweet, thoughtful and made me feel so blessed and affirmed that we are building relationships here and a community of friends here
  • Peyton and I had a girls night Tuesday and we took the shoppers bus to the mall just the two of us and went shopping, had dinner together and enjoyed our time just the girls. She loved the attention and it affirmed the need for us to do this regularly. It was a refreshing time for the both of us.
  • While on our girls night we were shopping at Gymboree for clothes for Peyton (she got to pick two outfits whatever she wanted...I liked one of them and was not so impressed with the other but whatever) she asked to buy something for Graham. We looked around and she showed me a shirt that was cute but too big and when I told her that it was cute but too big for him she replied, "no mommy, he is a little fat man, it will fit." I asked her who says that and she replied, "G." My mom did call him that one time and she for sure remembered it! It was amusing!
  • We were thinking about going to Bahrain this weekend but decided that we didn't want to spend the money on a hotel/food/travel and since we didn't need to get anything specific we decided to save the money and we are planning on spending Thursday morning exploring the souks
  • Our shipment arrival date in Saudi was pushed back a day. I was hoping it would move forward a day. Currently it is supposed to be in the Dammam port on August 9. I am praying hard that it arrives earlier, or gets processed through customs quickly and arrives at our house as soon as possible.
  • My sister just released an album available on iTunes....I am so proud of her and loved listening to her music while we were getting ready and I loved that as soon as Peyton walked into the room she said, "Auntie Shannon is singing." How she knew that it was Shannon I have no idea!
Another week in Saudi down...and off to another weekend!

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