Sunday, July 3, 2011

Weekend Round Up

John got Saturday off from work for some reason so we enjoyed three days with Daddy home is an update of our long weekend..

Thursday- We took the shoppers bus to the Mall of Dharhan. We got off, got lost in the mall, got in an heated discussion because we were hungry and didn't have enough coffee. Got coffee and food and then we had a great productive afternoon. We purchased two new phones, a Blackberry for both of us, which has been much needed. We have been borrowing a friends phone and needed to return them and get our own. We then went around and looked for a new Abaya for me and found one later in the afternoon at a great store that has a great selection and very reasonably priced! I also ventured out and purchased some clothes at a store I have always loved in Canada/Paris and in the Houston Galleria called Zara. I have been nervous about shopping for clothes for me since you can't try them on and it is hard to return stuff especially with my limited access to the mall. I bought two shirts and a skirt and I was nervous about purchasing without trying something on but I stuck with stuff that I knew works on my body and did really well. They all look great and all fit! We visited the new SACO World which is essentially our Home Depot/Lowes. They built a two story one at the mall so we checked it out, got some paint samples and made a list of things to come back and get! We visited some other stores that we have been wanting to look at and then grabbed some lunch and headed home.

Friday we did nothing! Nothing at all! We slept, watched TV and did was nice! It made me sad that it was Canada Day and we were not having our annual party with friends back in League City.....we had so much fun here and here. And Graham didn't get to experience his first Canada Day to the fullest. We did sing "O Canada" and wave around the paper flags that I found at a store last week. Graham smiled a bunch....I think he likes being Canadian!

Saturday, I was able to go to my Breakfast group without kids and enjoy my breakfast and coffee and talk without managing Peyton and Graham! John was so sweet to watch them in the morning and I had a wonderful chat with two ladies. I came home, John went swimming with Peyton while I stayed home and played with Graham. Graham and Peyton had a nap. John and I attempted to start P90X and realized we didn't have all the gear we needed. Then a friend called and asked if we wanted to go with him into Khobar that afternoon so we packed it up and did some major shopping. We went to Toys R Us for a bottle sanitizer (boiling water is getting old), then to the pet store (very unsuccessful trip), to Ikea (got one of the two rugs I wanted...the other should arrive in a month...which means 2-3 months), went to eat at Macaroni Grill (yum), picked up a chin up bar at a sports store, went back to SACO World and bought paint, Titus a bed and some storage shelves and then headed home. It was long night but we got a bunch done and have all the paint and supplies for Peyton's room and for our den/playroom which will keep us busy or a little while!
Peyton's room is going to be the blue...we are doing a main color and then on one wall doing some abstract squares that will be taped out in a lighter color. I wanted bright and beach colors. Our den will be the brown (Toasty Tan) which is similar to the color we had in League City. I know it isn't original but it looked good back home, works with the furniture I know will be in there and since I don't want to paint the whole house, I wanted something neutral so it wouldn't look so random and out of place. I got some more paint swatches to pick a color for our room and for Graham's room and then I will just wait on the kids bathroom until our stuff comes because I really don't remember everything I got.

A good weekend...a nice short work week which....picking up our Iqamas and Multiple Exit/Entry Visas.....celebrating John's big 30th birthday and then.....BAHRAIN next weekend.....Insha'Allah!

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