Monday, July 4, 2011

What day is it?

Happy 4th of July!

It certainly is a whole lot different this year being here in Saudi! Most of the day I kept forgetting it was the fourth until I would look on Facebook. Weird feeling and made us kind of sad not be home with friends and family. We were sad when Canada Day came and went and we didn't really celebrate and then today it hit us again. Bummer day! I could go into more about how much we miss our freedoms but that would just make me more upset.

Graham has been super fussy and not himself the past two days. He is just kind of miserable and I am not sure why. I don't know if he is getting sick or growing or what but I feel so bad for him. His cranky/fussy though is really not all that bad but I know that he isn't happy and something is not right. A friend saw him today and even she noticed that he wasn't smiling as much and seemed grumpy. Poor guy....I hate when I can't make things better for him.

We did start working on the projects here at the house to start making this place feel like a home. Peyton and I started painting the den/playroom. She was so excited to help me and she did great. I loved spending time working with her and she was so funny! She kept telling me that we needed to make the house pretty because Granny is coming and Granny will be so happy when she sees our house. Funny kid! We got two walls finished and we still have more to do but it should only take another night or so.

John picked up our passports with our visas in them and so that means we are headed to Bahrain this Thursday! He went and rented a car tonight and then we will be leaving here Thursday morning and driving across the causeway! I booked our hotel, made an appointment to get my hair done and started making my list of things to find/buy/shop at! One of the big stops will be a couple of pet stores to stock up on food for Titus and also hope to find a doggie door for him.

Other highlight of our day was hearing that it is looking more and more likely that my mom will be coming to visit us! I am really hoping that it all happens and Peyton was so excited to hear about it! It gives me something to count down to, look forward to and also get me out and more determined to figure my way around and what to do, how to do it so I can show her around when she gets here. Pretty makes me more determined to make this our home so we can welcome her here!

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