Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Midweek Ramblings

Here are some random thoughts about our week....
  • Feels like temp last Saturday was 129...that is too hot!
  • I am addicted to these cookies we can easily get at our store on camp. They are these dark chocolate biscuits with chocolate on one side and a butter biscuit on the other. They only have 12 in a package and if you are not careful you can probably eat all 12 (along with the 830 calories) in one sitting....not that I would know!
  • We had taco night the other night...surprisingly I can normally find all the basics for tacos and I brought a bunch of taco seasoning with me so we have them regularly...and when I went to the store to get the produce I looked to see about picking up an avocado, it was $13 per an avocado! I didn't buy one.
  • I went to the mall on the shoppers bus with both kids ALL BY MYSELF on Monday! I have gone to the mall only with backup so it was a big jump for me. I managed getting the stroller under the bus, both kids on the hour bus ride there and back and the four hours in the mall. At one point, I even got them both sleeping and it felt like I was shopping by myself! It was a fun trip and it made me feel like normal back home when I could go shopping by myself whenever and without my husband...kind just have to not focus on the fact that you were dependent on a bus to take you to the mall because you can't drive without being arrested and that you are wearing a large black gown.
  • I have been seeing the Mutawa more and more lately. I don't know why I am seeing them every time I go to the mall now. This time I saw him ahead speaking with a store owner about a suggestive picture in their window (it was a picture of a woman, in jeans and a long button up shirt with her face and hair showing) and then he turned and started confronting some western women about not covering their hair. I looked in my bag and realized that I didn't have my head covering with me (which I always carry in my bag in case) and so I quickly tossed Peyton back in the stroller (we were having timeout because of some whining issues) and ran into a store and into the back corner until he went by. What probably would have happened is he would have confronted me about not covering my head, I would apologize and say that I would go and buy one and we go our own ways. I have had Muslim friends who tell me to tell the Mutawa that I am not Muslim and don't have to cover my head and walk off BUT I don't like confrontation and am not bold enough to do that and would much rather just cover my head and walk off. Still praying hard that I can go the whole time here without running into them but given the increase in Mutawa sightings...not so sure about that!
  • I am going to Bahrain this weekend! John is too good to me and decided that my sanity is worth more than the money we would save by staying home! So one last trip before Ramadan!
  • Peyton is doing amazing at swimming and can swim to the bottom of the pool to pick up dive rings and swim back to the surface. She loves swimming lessons!
  • I started a photography class online through Clickin Moms on Lightroom. It is four weeks long with 9 assignments. After this class I will be doing a Shooting 101 class and then laying off classes and spending the year practicing and working on what I learned.
  • Tuesday night I had a girls night at a friends house. It was a wonderful evening relaxing without kids, talking and enjoying each others company. I am sad that my friend "S" is leaving for the rest of the summer and I look forward to September when everyone will be back. It was a fun night and I didn't come home until midnight :)

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