Sunday, July 10, 2011

Playing with the Perrys

We are so thankful to have our friends The Perrys only 45 minutes away! Last week I took a taxi to their house in the morning and arrived at 9:30 AM and we were able to spend the whole day playing. It was amazing! And since John now has his Saudi drivers license and we had rented a car to take us to Bahrain this weekend, he was able to pick me up! Which is great and will allow me to take more trips out there since I wouldn't have to pay for a taxi to come pick me up!

Peyton and Gavin had a BLAST together as always and I am so thankful for the friendship they have. For being opposite sexes they play so well together and I love that Gavin brings out the wild, dare devil, silly side of Peyton that I don't always see when she is around a group of girls. I am thankful that she has someone to bring that side out of her and allow her to play how she wants to and not how she is supposed to as a girl.

We had lots of fun and Peyton was full of funny phrases and moments and one of my favorite moments was when she told me that my friend was Mrs. Lindsey, her friend was Gavin and Graham's friend was Miles..."Mommy, we all have friends, I am so happy." It was cute and it is true that we all have friends!

We let them play for the morning, took them to Burger King to eat lunch and let them play on the playground inside and then got them both down for naps, watched a movie and then Daddy came and got us. A long and super fun day!

The older kids were really hard to get a good picture of since they were running/playing/chasing/tackling constantly but here is an adorable picture of the two babies.

Miles 6 months; Graham 4 months

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