Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Heavy Heart

We are back from our trip to the UAE and our time away was more than a vacation from Saudi, it was a reminder of my need for my Savior who is in control whether I understand everything or not. It was reminder of how much I need to have faith and dependence on Him because this world doesn't make sense sometimes...our time away was a roller coaster of emotions, tons of prayer and ups and downs and always ending up humbling asking for peace that only comes from Him. 

I was joyful, and delirious happy when I saw on Facebook the status updates of a friend whose adoption is proceeding in Uganda and they are so close to bringing their little boy home. Such joy and happiness! 

Then fear, worry and saying prayers of healing for another friend's little girl who is just around 8 weeks old and was admitted to the NICU for  acute bronchitis and needed breathing treatments. She is home now and doing better. 

And then tears of sadness, heartbrokenness hearing a friend's sweet a little girl went to be with Jesus. The Carpenter family are the best friends of one of our closest friends and our circle of friends always mixed together and our paths crossed regularly when we lived in Texas. They tragically lost their son Cade during soccer practice less than a year ago due to a undiagnosed heart condition. Their daughter, Addi, was getting treatment for the same heart condition and passed away on Friday. Pray for them, their family, their friends. Pray that their community of friends, family and their church can support them as they grieve and most of all for the peace and understanding that only Jesus can give them. 

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