Saturday, May 12, 2012

14 months...

Graham is now 14 months old! And he has changed so much since his first birthday! are such a boy! Graham loves to run, climb, get into everything and constantly keeps me on my feet chasing after him. His favorite place to be is outside and love the dirt and have no fear when we are at the playground and love climbing and the slides. 

Graham is still the happy, sweet and fun baby that he has always been. He has a constant smile, laugh and is just so pleasant! Such a joy! He has been teething the past two weeks and has gotten around 5 new teeth all at once. He LOVES his sister and is constantly following her, playing in her room and they play so well together. Your favorite game is still chase. You light up and run to the door with excitement everytime I tell you it is time to "get Peyton from school."I love that you give Peyton kisses and hugs every night before bedtime and you immediately run and find her when you wake up in the morning.

Graham still loves to eat and his favorite food is strawberries and any kind of vegetables. The other night we were out at Chili's and he loved the fajita chicken and ate almost as much as I did. He has three pretty big meals a day and two significant sized snacks and goes through milk like crazy. I am always buying milk! 

He is starting to push boundaries and see what he can and can't touch and gets so upset when he is told no. He loves to open drawers, climb on chairs, and is into everything. Whenever we leave, he runs to the door, grabs his shoes out of the basket and sits down waiting for me to put them on which is adorable and then when we come home he always tries to put his shoes in the basket himself. He is so aware of things around him, how things work and I am amazed when he does things and shows me how things work that I know I never taught him.

We are starting to cut out our morning nap, it is hit or miss. We still have a nice afternoon nap (when we are not teething) and Graham sleeps from 7-7 every night night.

Graham you are such a joy to our family and it is so much fun to watch you grow up and explore the world. I love your hugs and kisses and the watching the love you have for your family, your sister and life. We love you so much Graham and am so thankful for everyday we have with you!

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