Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Packing for 20 days...with 2 kids

Pretty much I don't take a long time to pack for trips and since we have been traveling so much, I have it down and don't pack until the day before...even with two kids. I know what I need, how much and can get it done pretty quickly and without much stress. However, when I started thinking about traveling for 20 days with two kids, with formal nights, smart casual nights and separate outfits for dinner and swim stuff and the list goes on and on....I realized this was probably not a trip that could wait until the day before to pack. I didn't even know if the kids had enough clothes for 20 days (and kids can not reuse outfits) and all the special dinners and so I have already started packing for our trip which is still 12 days away. 

I had no idea how we were going to make the clothes last especially when Graham goes through clothes like crazy and doesn't have 20 outfits plus nice clothes. I don't buy him nice clothes because he is a boy...he grows too fast and destroys clothes! So, I came up with the idea of doing a may begin to laugh now. 

It has everyday that we are away...a column for Peyton, Graham, me and for everyone....I refuse to pack and plan for John and then also has the amount of formal, smart casual and casual dinner outfits and then three extra outfits and then at the bottom has items to remember to pack for each person. I figured this would help maximize outfits and space. For example, I am using casual dinner outfits for the cruise later in the trip while we are in Rome since I am hoping they can't get that dirty over dinner and I figured this would help everyone know what to wear on what day so we aren't wasting clothes and John doesn't ask me every day what to dress the kids in. The yellow boxes are outfits that I am missing (I am pretty sure I have something but I haven't finished laundry) and I am pretty proud that I have found combinations for all 20 days without having to buy too many new outfits! I have two extra outfits for Peyton and three for Graham and worst case...they can wear formal outfits or smart casual outfits the last few days....or dirty clothes! 

So...that is what I came up with to help pack for a family of four for 20 days away...12 nights at sea! I started pulling dresses for me to try on and see what still fits and what will never fit and hoping that I can plan enough this week so packing is pretty easy and quick next week....and we don't forget anything too important!

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