Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Midweek Ramblings....

A bunch of randomness...

Remember how John was done with turnaround? Well...apparently that wasn't the case. He had one day when he had regular hours, that weekend off and then it has been chaos. Somedays he is home an hour late, somedays it is two and even three and I never know. I almost wish we were back in turnaround as it was predictable and he was getting paid over time. It is really hard and frustrating to don't know when or if he will be home and it has especially been hard on Peyton. I just want to cry....mostly because....

7 days until we depart on our cruise! And 6 days until we fly to Rome! As excited as I am.....I am a little stressed about finishing up packing and doing everything all on my own and watching two kids at the same time. Next week is super busy with friends leaving for the summer and saying good bye and so I need to finish this weekend with both kids, a birthday party to attend and makes me want to cry :(

I forgot Graham's extra clothes today at swim lessons. He swims before Peyton and so he has to sit in the stroller and wait during her lesson and I like to make sure he is changed out of his clothes. Since we leave right after Peyton's lesson, I wait until we are home to change her. I found extra clothes in the bag...Peyton's extra 3T clothes and surprise, surprise...they fit. Not really his color but they did the job. I can't believe they fit him...well, I kind of do believe it but still!

I was making lunch and in came Graham....pushing Peyton in the baby doll stroller!

Graham and Peyton were playing peek-a-bo in the back seat on the way home from Khobar. Such happy kids for it being way past their bedtimes!

Graham is getting around 4-5 teeth all at once which means he is MISERABLE! He is not napping at all and just fussy. He walks around asking for me and that is fine but when I carry him he is still fussy. Nothing soothes him. No medication, chew toy, nothing! Not fun!

My hair dryer died. Not normally a significant event but our house is wired for 110V appliances while the whole rest of Saudi is 220V which means that they carry very little to no 110V stuff....especially not a hair dryer. We do have two outlets in the kitchen that are 220V so I am now drying my hair in the kitchen and storing my hair dryer next to my baking stuff!

I am doing a color consultation class on Monday. It is by an independent consultant with a program called House of Colour based out of the UK. The description from the website is that "through an expert Colour Analysis, Make Up tuition and assessment by Personal Stylists, you learn everything you need to become your own excellent personal shopper." You learn about what colors and styles work best for your body and skin tone and it sounded like fun. A friend asked me if I wanted to do it with her and I thought it would be fun and since John has been working so much, I seriously doubt he has had the time to do anything for Mother's Day so I told him it would be my Mother's Day gift. 

Praying hard that John is off from work this weekend....or at least is getting paid if he is at work...and hoping that I can finish packing.

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