Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Coming soon....Our First Visitor to Saudi!!!!!

I am so excited that we will be expecting our first visitor to Saudi this coming September....

.....John's mom!!! We booked her tickets yesterday and she arrives September 9-23 and I am really looking forward to having her here in Saudi, experiencing our daily life here and spending some wonderful quality time with the kids. The kids and I get back to Saudi and then 10 days later we get to have Granny Martha here....so excited!

When we started talking about my trip home this summer and trying to take a trip down to Texas again by myself to visit with John's mom, I was overwhelmed and anxious about doing that trip again and when I realized it would cost the same amount of money to fly me and the kids to see her in Texas from Washington as it would for one ticket to Saudi....we started tossing around the idea of her coming to Saudi. I am so thankful that Martha was willing (with a few hesitations/reservations at first) to fly over here and take off time from work to spend a good chunk of time experiencing our new home. I can not wait to have her here and show her our daily life, shopping and hopefully take a weekend trip to Qatar (depending one what kind of visa she is issued) since John actually has three days off to make a long 5 day weekend while she is here...yes, we planned that! BUT most of all....I am excited that she gets to spend two weeks of quality, non stop time with her two grandkids, her son and with me! I am really looking forward to it! 


Kim Williams said...

Che, If I can help in any way to ease your mom's mind about the travels, please let me know. I can mail her my abaya if that will help. Tell her to call me if she needs to. Love reading your blog. Kim Williams (Lindsey's mom)

The Acord Family said...

Kim....Thank you so much for your offer! That would be wonderful if you could mail her your abaya. I was going to buy one here and bring it back when I went to the States and then mail it down to her but if you would be willing to do that it would save me buying an abaya. Now if I can just convince my mom to fly (she doesn't like to fly and doesn't want to be on the plane that long) we will be able to have all our family visit! I will get your contact details from Lindsey and pass along my mother in laws address etc! Thank you again!