Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Vacation Time...Off We Go!

We are off on our 20 day Rome and Eastern Mediterranean adventure

I am SO excited about spending time with John and us having some wonderful time together as a family! But before we get to the fun stuff of being on the cruise ship, my scheduled massage and seeing amazing sights we have a long day of traveling and then getting to the cruise. We fly today out of Bahrain with a stop in Doha and then spend the night at a hotel near the airport and then head to the cruise ship tomorrow. A long couple of days but we are excited and know that it will be worth it once we are settled on the cruise!

Please pray for safe travels on the plane, the cruise ship and throughout all the ports/buses/taxis/trains that we will be on. We are seeing a lot in three weeks and there are tons of logistics that we have tried to figure out and pray that everything goes as smoothly as possible so we can have some rest and relaxation as a family and as a couple! 

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