Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Christmas in September....

The moving trucks start to arrive. We had one big flat bed and two small trucks.

Living/Dining room after many hours...

Just a portion of the mounds of trash...moving is not very green.

Garage...complete with some Aramco furniture that the warehouse still hasn't come to get...boo
Peyton was so excited to see all her stuff! She was opening and was such a big helper.

Check out my big, comfy Temperpedic bed....I am so excited to sleep on it!

The kitchen before John and I stayed up way too late to finish it.

Pretty much it has been so much fun looking at everything we forgot we bought for her and putting things together. We are exhausted, up to our eye balls in boxes and things to do but we are so happy and are so thankful! A huge answered prayer in that first, nothing in our shipment got confiscated. We didn't have anything questionable but we were worried our "indoor large tree/floral decor." Well it made it! Second answered prayer, besides a couple of items nothing was damaged, lost and everything made it. Thank you for your prayers and we are singing praises! John is off tomorrow so we have three more good days to unpack and work hard...and he will probably be looking forward to getting out of here and not having to unpack and unpack and unpack!

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Stori said...

AWESOME!!! What wonderful news :)! I can't wait to see pictures.